What to Ask of Your Plumbing Company            

Think back to the last time you bought a car if you will, remember the items you looked at, the questions you asked, and how confident you felt when you walked away from the transaction. Now, thinking back to that purchase, did you ask how to change a timing belt? Where your oil pan was? And what kind of tires are installed? Probably not. This isn’t a bad mark on you, it’s a trap that we all fall into from time to time, we look at the situation ahead of us, rather than the one that may show up down the road. When dealing with any form of major work or repair, it’s the distance that needs to be considered just as much as the item you’re calling them about currently. We spoke with a rep from www.delcampoplumbingandheating.com to get the inside scoop on what you should look for.

  1. How Long Does This Repair Last?

One thing that escapes most of our sight is the lasting implications of a repair or installation that we have made. You see, normally when we call a plumbing service, it’s about a specific issue, and when that issue is addressed, we kind of forget about it. These repairs and installations though, need to stand the test of time, and if you’re only getting caulking over a leaky pipe, that test of time may be recorded in days. Ensuring that work is done that will give you a lasting result is important when dealing with any professional plumber.

  1. If Something Happens, What Should I Do?

Much like any other situation that may occur, some homeowners may have no idea how to handle an issue when it arises. When you find yourself with a major drip or small leak, should you shut off the homes water supply? Or simply tighten a specific nut on the pipework? Knowing how to do triage repairs in your home is important, not only to have the knowledge on hand, but also so that you’re not stuck phoning in the professionals every time something goes even slightly awry. Having the ability to perform minor tasks in your own home also gives you the confidence you need to be able to address any situation that may pop up in some form or another.

  1. When Do I Need To Call You Again?

Adding onto the last paragraph though, there are still situations that are sure to arise where you will still need to rely on the assistance of professionals. Knowing how to put a bandage or splint on doesn’t make you prepared for open heart surgery, which is what your home may need from time to time. Knowing the point of no return is just as important as knowing how to stave it off. When issues become too big to ignore and handle on your own, you need to know when it’s time to call in the big guns. There may be specific indicators that your plumbing company can make you aware of.